Condyloform II NFC – functional teeth


Swiss Denture Concept dentures represent the highest standard of full denture provision. Each Clinical Dental Technician certified to offer Swiss Denture Concept Dentures has completed postgraduate training and accreditation in order to provide their patients with a choice of the best available.

Swiss Denture Certified Clinician’s will give you more time, taking care to assess your current situation, give you advice and accommodate your wishes. This may mean that you have more than the customary four appointments for standard dentures.

Your treatment for Swiss Denture Concept dentures will always include primary and secondary functional impressions and intraoral and extraoral registration to determine the functional processes of your jaw joints.

The materials used to make your new dentures are produced by Candulor ‘The Swiss Art of Prosthetics’ a world renowned Dental Manufacturer dedicated to high quality denture materials, made in Switzerland since 1936.

Candulor Physiostar NFC anterior and Condyloform NFC posterior teeth give you a natural aesthetic appearance and superior function with a greater stability of the lower denture even without implants. You may also wish to have your denture base characterised to match your gum colouring.

For further information and to find a certified Swiss Denture Concept Clinician nearest to you click on the link, click ‘Patient’ and then choose ‘Certified Clinician’ from the left hand menu.