CQR™ Dentures


CQR™ Dentures giving patients their life back!

CQR™ Dentures provide numerous health and lifestyle benefits to give you the confidence that your dentures are effective andwell-fitting. It has been indicated that CQR dentures are and will be the biggest breakthrough in denture construction in the last 120 years. The reason for this will probably amaze most people that even up to this present day, the dental profession has no idea how the human jaw works CQR denturesexactly.  In fact, all our concepts that we follow were started by one man in the 1890’s and these where basically his good idea and remarkably no one has really questioned this man’s un-researched opinion.

What CQR dentures can do for full denture wearers is to record their own individual biting pattern and have this transferred to their new dentures. The result of this is that many patients have reported that their chewing abilities greatly improves, so much so that their range of foods greatly increases, such as steak, peanuts and even lettuce.

Health Benefits

  • Improved digestion
  • Chew more effectively
  • Improved nutrition
  • Eating a wider range of foods
  • More confidence speaking & laughing

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Greater enjoyment of foods
  • Greater confidence
  • Improved well-being

Practical Benefits

  • Less sore spots
  • Reduced need for denture fixative

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced need for fixatives and ulcer gels
  • Easy payment options available

CQR Video’s – Di Before and After

  1. The story behind the Di before video is that Di came to the surgery wanting a replacement denture for cosmetic reasons. She was reasonably happy with her old dentures and was completely unaware that when she functioned with them that there was considerable movement, especially on the upper denture. In fact, she had got use to it!
  2. With Di’s after video, Di has literally only had her new CQR dentures in for a couple of minutes before we started to film. The interesting thing is that as she gets more confident with her new bite and starts to move in even wider excursions the movement has gone on her upper denture. Apart from the fact that Di is delighted with her improved appearance her abilities to eat and taste will be greatly improved. It was only after Di had worn her new CQR dentures at the fitting that she fully realised how much her old dentures had actually been moving.