Dentsply – DeguDent


Prosthetic dentistry encompasses the restoration and replacement of teeth, improving oral function, comfort, appearance and overall health of patients. As one of the worlds leading dental manufacturers Dentsply DeguDent maintains a strong presence in the areas of prosthetic dentistry by offering both fixed and removable options. From crowns and bridges, dentures, and implant-supported prostheses, Dentsply offers reliable restorations to fit any patient’s lifestyle and budget, whilst optimizing patient’s comfort, appearance and function.

A wide range of materials and manufacturing processes allow technicians to offer complete prosthetic solutions. Dentsply’s denture tooth program, which includes Genios, Cosmo HXL and Dentacryl HXL, complement the denture base materials, Stellon QC 20®, Trevalon® and the ever popular Lucitone 199® Hi impact.

All are supplied in a variety of shades and supported with a range of addition and repair materials, all are clinically proven, with aesthetics and maximum abrasion resistance being of paramount importance. Traditional techniques are supported with the Success® injection system for improved denture fits. Vitallium® 2000 Plus chrome cobalt alloy is the premium choice for partial denture metal frameworks and for sensitive patients and an improved ‘working environment’ Eclipse® light curing products should be considered.