Do I clean my dentures in the same way as natural teeth?

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The simple answer to this question is NO. Although your denture is made to look and feel as near to natural teeth as possible, keeping them clean requires a different routine.

Originally it was thought dentures could be kept clean by bleaching them, or giving them a good scrub with scouring powder however these have since been found to cause serious damage to both dentures as well as your health.

Distilled white vinegar and baking soda are two popular products which have also been used though the years, and although they are known to be safe on modern dentures, we always recommend to use a branded denture cleaner, specifically designed for the cleaning of dentures.

Your dentures should be cleaned daily, just as you would with your natural teeth, to keep them in the best condition. To do this you should remove your denture after eating to rinse away any food particles which have gathered or have become trapped within the denture. It’s important you also remove your denture at night and leave it to soak in denture solution. However make sure you rinse your denture thoroughly before replacing it back into your mouth as the cleaner can be harmful to both the mouth and gums.

After time your denture may begin to look noticeably worn and you may find it more difficult to remove certain stains such as tea, coffee, etc. In this case it may be a good time to consult your denture professional, about replacing your current denture with a new one.