Full Dentures

Adhesive-free options for fitting dentures

A full denture replaces all the teeth in either the upper or the lower jaw, or both. They are made from either acrylic or metal. The denture base is contoured to match your gums and the teeth in dentures today look very natural.

Full dentures will restore basic functions like eating and speaking which is a huge problem when most of the teeth are missing. Replacing teeth in the upper or lower jaw will also improve your appearance. When teeth are missing you can appear older as your face will have a sunken look and wrinkles become more prominent. Full dentures plump the face up and take years off your appearance.

Many people worry about dentures staying in place when they eat or speak. Dentures are manufactured so that they can adapt closely to the underlying tissues. They create a vacuum seal to retain the denture and keep it in place. Many people use a denture adhesive for additional help, especially when eating certain types of food.

It will take practice to get used to wearing dentures but as your mouth get used to them it will become a lot easier. The full dentures made today will be crafted to fit a patients mouth individually to ensure a perfect fit.