Full sets of Dentures


Full sets of dentures are used when there are no natural teeth left in the mouth on either the upper or lower jaw.

There are two main reasons missing teeth should be replaced.

Image – Aesthetic issues can be a problem as facial muscles will begin to droop causing a sunken in look which can age a person dramatically. Also facial lines and wrinkles will appear more prominent around the mouth.

Functionality – Basic functions such as eating and speaking are hard work. Only being able to eat soft foods that require no chewing will cause health issues. Teeth help the mouth to pronounce certain words. When the teeth are gone speaking is very difficult which then affects the individuals work and home life.

There are lots of misconceptions about full sets of dentures which deter many people. Dental technology has advanced so much over the last few years and dentures today look anything but false.

Myth – Dentures will make me look strange

Dentures will actually make you look so much better as they will give support to your cheeks and lips. Without this support your facial muscles will start to droop giving an aged look.

Myth – I won’t be able to speak properly wearing dentures

When you first get your new dentures fitted your mouth needs to get used to them so certain words may need a little practice. This doesn’t take long and you will be speaking confidently in no time.

Myth – My new teeth will look false

Dentures made today look nothing like the flat pink contraptions of yesteryear. They look so like natural teeth nobody would ever know you were wearing dentures
Ask your CDT (Clinical Dental Technician) to show you photos or videos of their patients who wear full dentures and discuss any concerns you may have with him.