How can I avoid denture cleaner problems?

Cleaning your dentures may seem a simple task, but even with this everyday routine you need to be aware of the products you are using, as some people may experience an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in their denture cleaning product.

One of the chemicals used in these products is persulfate, which is used to clean and whiten the denture. Although this chemical is known to cause allergic reaction, most people will not be affected.

It is however, best to check and be aware of the chemicals which are in the product you are using; if you have any doubts contact your dental professional to confirm whether or not the product is suitable for use with your denture.

Problems can also occur when a denture cleaner is mis-used, so you should always read the instructions before use; remember, no two products are the same.

Denture cleaner should never be used in the mouth; it is made to use with a receptacle. After using the cleaner always rinse the denture thoroughly so that any traces of cleaner are removed. Should a reaction occur when you replace the denture in your mouth, take it out and contact your dental professional immediately.

Always remember to keep your denture cleaner in a safe place, as you would with any other chemical or medicinal product.

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