How do I make my dentures more comfortable?

Are dentures for people of all ages?

One of the most common reasons for feeling discomfort with your denture is due to food becoming trapped underneath the denture and causing irritation.

If this irritation is left untreated, it can cause the gums and jaw to become inflamed and sore. You can get rid of the offending simply by removing and rinsing your denture. After a while your dentures should feel comfortable again.

Although your dentures are made to specifically fit your mouth, they may need to be adjusted over time due to changes which can occur in your mouth. In most cases these changes are perfectly natural and are normally due to aging.

A CDT is able to adjust your denture using specialist tools in order to make it fit more comfortably in the mouth. Wearing your denture while visiting a clinical dental technician can help him or her to quickly define the problem.

Visiting a dental professional regularly will help reduce the chances of your denture becoming dislodged and uncomfortable over time as well as keeping an eye on your oral health, checking for any irregularities which are likely to cause problems and making sure your mouth and gums stay in a healthy condition.

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