How do you know when it’s time for new dentures?

Loose dentures: reasons and solutions

Although a quality pair of dentures is intended to last for a long period, over time they can become worn and fragile. If you have had your dentures for more than ten years, it is likely you will need to have them checked and replaced.

Dentures usually have a lifespan of between five and ten years and even though your denture may feel unchanged, unfortunately our mouths and jaws do change over time, often causing the gums and mouth tissue to shrink.

To compensate for these natural changes to the mouth and gums, it may be time to think about replacing your denture. It is also likely that dental technology has advanced significantly since your original denture was created, and a new pair of dentures could enhance your appearance. They do this by making your face look fuller, eliminating some of the lines which can begin to show with age.

Investing in a quality, bespoke set of dentures is certainly money well spent and can improve both the way you look as well as the way you feel.

To replace your old denture with a new one, simply contact your dental professional. If you have a partial denture this should be your dentist; if you have a full denture you can go straight to a registered CDT.