Hybrid Dentures


Hybrid dentures are used to replace teeth when all or a high proportion of the teeth are missing. They are used most when there is a lot of bone loss and the patient has difficulty wearing a conventional denture.

Depending on the size and shape of the patient’s jawbone a hybrid denture would need four or more implants placing in the jaw. Once the implants have healed they are then fixed to the connectors which can be screwed into a metal framework.

This type of denture is fixed and you would clean your teeth in the same way as you cleaned your natural teeth. However, it is recommended that occasionally the denture is removed by your dentist for a professional clean. The dentist can remove the appliance by loosening the screws.

Hybrid dentures offer many benefits:

  • Stability, they cannot come loose when eating or speaking
  • Comfort, they are not bulky like regular dentures
  • Ability to chew foods more easily
  • Ability of restoring facial contours after bone loss
  • Look more natural than regular dentures
  • Less expensive than some alternative solutions

If you are a denture wearer who would like the benefits of fixed teeth but are not a suitable candidate for multiple implants for each missing tooth then hybrid dentures are worth considering.