Immediate Dentures


When replacing your missing teeth with dentures the Clinical Dental Technician will go through the process of making them specifically for the individual so they look great and fit perfectly. This takes time, so what do you do in the meantime following tooth extraction?

Immediate dentures are made specifically for the individual before teeth are extracted so they can be worn immediately following tooth extraction.

Immediate dentures are an ideal temporary replacement and will protect healing gum tissue after teeth have been extracted. It takes on average around three months for gums and tissue to heal after teeth have been removed. During this time your gums will change shape and the immediate denture may not fit as well meaning a reline or new denture will be needed. This is why they are also known as ‘temporary dentures’. Whilst immediate dentures are not permanent replacements for your missing teeth they will provide a certain degree of function and aesthetically look much better than having no teeth.

Immediate dentures enable you to speak easily. When teeth are not replaced immediately you have to learn how to speak without them and then learn again once dentures have been made for you. By wearing dentures immediately it eradicates this problem. Immediate dentures also support the cheeks and prevent that ‘sunken look’. Not all patients can wear immediate dentures and may be advised against them because of health conditions or other oral problems. Speak to your dental professional about this.