Overdentures are dentures that fit over natural teeth or implants. They are supported by and attached to either dental implants or root filled tooth roots. These are used to support and retain the overdenture.

An overdenture is basically a complete denture but with some teeth still in place. The remaining teeth will be prepared in order to be able to support and position the denture. They will be given root canal treatment and be reshaped. Once reshaped the teeth are sometimes covered with metal caps which helps to prevent erosion on the structure of the remaining teeth.

Even though some teeth are strong and do not need to be removed they may not be aesthetically pleasing to look at, overdentures are an option to consider. Many people choose to have removable dentures replaced with implant supported overdentures because:

  • They restore lip support which minimises wrinkles around the mouth
  • Their denture is stable and more secure, no need for denture adhesive
  • Able to chew foods more easily
  • Look more natural than traditional dentures

One big advantage of tooth root supported overdentures is the fact that the jaw bone around the tooth root will not shrink as it does with traditional complete dentures. This means that if required it can be used in the future for dental implants to be placed if required.