Renfert Sympro Denture Cleaner

Stress’ impact on oral health

Improve your quality of life! Dentures change with age, under a microscope you can see how the surface becomes increasingly course. Every day cleaning at home is correct and important, but cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading. These deposits change over time, they harden within a day and trap pollution.

The denture can lose its lustre and become marked and unattractive. Have your removable denture cleaned regularly and professionally at your dental clinic.

Advantages and benefits

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes stubborn and dangerous deposits and reduces risks, in just 20 minutes the denture undergoes an intense cleaning process. Cleaning should be carried out at least 3 to 4 times a year.


  • Bacteria plaque
  • Stubborn tartar
  • stains caused by foodstuffs for example tea, coffee, red wine and medicines
  • Strong nicotine build up


  • A smooth surface
  • Free from deposits
  • Free from bacteria and germs
  • Free from odours
  • Retain function
  • Longer lasting