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Fixodent Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream


Fixodent Fresh Denture Adhesive Cream offers you all the hold and fit you expect from a Fixodent adhesive. Additionally it has a fresh, minty taste that gives your mouth a cool, clean feeling without interfering with the taste of food.

Poligrip Denture Cleansing Tablets


Poligrip 3 Min Ultra and Total Care Denture Cleansing Tablets help to clean dentures effectively, which can help protect remaining teeth.

Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream


Help to increase your patients’ confidence in wearing dentures with Poligrip Ultra Denture Fixative Cream. Just a small amount used once a day can provide a secure hold for your patients’ dentures, reducing wobble and making eating more comfortable
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Renfert Sympro Denture Cleaner

Stress’ impact on oral health

Improve your quality of life! Dentures change with age, under a microscope you can see how the surface becomes increasingly course. Every day cleaning at home is correct and important, but cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading.

SunSparkle Denture Cleaner


Everyone deserves a clean, bright smile and a healthy mouth. Wearing dentures, partial plates, mouth guards or orthodontic appliances shouldn’t mean hiding a smile.