What is a CDT?

Clinical Dental Technicians (CDT’s) are registered Dental Care Professionals (DCP’s), who are regulated by the General Dental Council.

Qualifying as a clinical dental technician involves years of intensive study that exceeds dental technician’s training through additional modules in sciences, clinical skills and customer care. Their position allows them to offer patients direct treatment for the construction, repairing and fitting of removable dental appliances. Whilst dentists and clinical dental technicians work independently of each other, they may confer on treatments when it is in the best interest of the patient.

Whilst most commonly used by denture-wearers, clinical dental technicians can offer a range of services, including advice on oral health. Along with performing technical and clinical procedures for removable dental appliances, clinical dental technicians can carry out intensive clinical examinations to search for oral abnormalities and refer patients to other health care professionals where necessary.

The scope of practice for clinical dental technicians is specific to ensure the safety and well-being of patients. If you are a patient who feels that they are being provided with services outside the technician’s job description, it is important to report it to the correct authorities.

Qualified CDT’s have undertaken extensive training to be able to provide a range of denture products to the public. To find out more about ‘The Scope of Practice’ click here.

BACDT Best Practice

In addition to the qualifications that Clinical Dental Technicians gain to be able to practice; BACDT have introduced a ‘Best Practice’ scheme for CDT Clinics; clinics that have achieved ‘Best Practice’ status have gone the extra mile to provide the ultimate patient experience in terms of a professional denture service and have voluntarily worked towards meeting the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

Dental Awards

In every profession there are individuals who go that extra mile to ensure that patients have the best service possible, the individuals are deservedly recognised at the national dental awards, whilst the Clinical Dental Technician of the Year award is a relative new comer to the dental profession; BACDT are proud to boast that in the last 3 years only members of BACDT have been selected as finalists for this awards!